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Basic Safety and Emergency Training Repeater Course

This course will be conducted in English.

The training is in accordance with the ”Mutual Acceptance of Basic Safety and Emergency Preparedness Training” between Norsk olje og gass, Oil&Gas UK, Danish Operators and NOGEPA, including HUET and EBS.

Hvem trenger kurset?

Offshore working personell

Hvilke krav stilles til forkunnskap?

It is required to have completed Basic Safety and Emergency Training Course within 8 years prior.

Hva må kursdeltaker ha med på kurset?

It is recommende to bring a change of clothes for the HUET exercise as the participants might get wet. All other equipment and clothes will be provided.

Hvordan gjennomføres kurset?

The course will go over 2 days and there will be theoretical and practical lessons.